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Transgas Building Prague, Czech Republic Built in 1975. Demolished in 2019. architect Jiří Eisenreich, Jindřich Malátek, Václav Aulický with Ivo Loos (c) BACU © B.A.C.U. @_BA_CU #_BA_CU #SocMod . . Add new sites: http://socialistmodernism.com/add-locations-visitors/ . . Map location: http://socialistmodernism.com/ . . Use the #SocialistModernism tag and your #SocHeritage shots will enter our selection and possibly be featured in our materials. Information collected from the public will be published on our website and included in an interactive map&data base under the name of the contributor. You can access the SocialistModernism.Com interactive map both online and on your smartphone by using the Socialist Modernism Application available on AppStore or Google Play. With the application, you can identify your favorite site or participate by adding new entries to the map.

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ondra.pods avatar
6 months ago
it’s so sad that this building is gonna be demolished and replaced by some boring office building with zero originality
sbu_chill avatar
6 months ago
@ndu_it same thing with werdmuller.😢
odagualtieri avatar
6 months ago
merlinpapatya avatar
6 months ago
flaranzi avatar
6 months ago
I just visited it last week and had to leave full of sorrow and anger 😢
dan.kosyak avatar
6 months ago
colorworks.cz avatar
6 months ago
Allmost down


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