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Dear friends, colleagues and followers, We have the pleasure to announce you that, as a result of the efforts made by BACU Association, yesterday the National Council for Historical Monuments in Moldova decided to include the Chisinau State Circus in the Historical Monuments Register. The iconic Circus was planned by architect Alla Kiricenko and completed in 1981. This classification file is the first successful one for BACU (the Community Association Bureau for Art and Urban Research), as part of its "Socialist Modernism (1955-1991)" program and research. It was prepared as early as 2016 and was supported yesterday at the council meeting by architect Dumitru Rusu. We expect the classification order to be signed in the following weeks by the Moldavian Minister of Education and Research. The requests for classification filed by BACU in 2016 with the Moldavian authorities also included other three landmarks in Chisinau: the Romanita Tower (1986), Cosmos Hotel (1983) and National Hotel (1974). The Heritage Direction of the Ministry postponed the analysis of these files, but promised they would be taken into consideration after a new bill for Cultural heritage is passed. We will be back soon with more details on the classification procedures and the status of other modernist landmarks. BACU Team. ( for more info http://socialistmodernism.com/heritage-listing-announcement/ ) #SocialistModernism #SocMod #SocHeritage #_BA_CU

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5 months ago
О, поздравляю! Правда интерьеры у него уже пострадали от ремонтов.
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5 months ago
Congrats 👏
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5 months ago
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5 months ago
Bravo 🇲🇩👏
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5 months ago
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5 months ago
Probably the only beautiful building in the whole city love it since childhood

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