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Did you know that exploring in one’s own city can be fun too? It’s been a few years since I had last been to the ice castles and they did not disappoint! It’s definitely a must see! ❄️ If you’re not local you could always plan a trip! Using the Expedia app makes it so easy! You can book flights and hotel all in one not only that you also get mobile-exclusive deals to save on select hotels as compared to booking on desktop. Enjoy 2X double Expedia Rewards points on App for flights, hotels, packages, and activities. I love it! With that said, you need to try it! Use code EXPEDIA10 for 10% off select hotels. This code is valid for booking until 31st March on travels from now until 31st July. You can read more terms and conditions for this on Expedia’s website. See link in comments. @expediaca @icecastles_ #Expedia #ExpediaApp #ipitythefoolwhodoesntdownloadtheapp

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1 month ago
Hey Jen, Your style is amazing! We would love to collab with you! DM us @sinceresallyboutique ❤️
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1 month ago
So so beautiful!! 😍
mtcoolhieat_19 avatar
1 month ago
Lovely pic, but weren't u cold?
bre_holzli avatar
1 month ago
Pretty magical in there! 💙Lucky you !
morinkraup avatar
1 month ago
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1 month ago
What a beautiful place 😃
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1 month ago
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1 month ago
Wow what a cool place 😍❄️⛄️
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1 month ago
My love my choice
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1 month ago
Hello beauties, who’s gonna be my sugar baby just to keep me company? No sex chat and I promise to spoil you with my weekly allowance of $500, handle your bills, get your nails and hair done. If interested and you live in US or Canada, feel free to text me 2133773654
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1 month ago
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1 month ago
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1 month ago
We love your style so much! Please use hashtag raw_allfashion if you will allow us to feature you. ❤️ Thank you!
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1 month ago
Looks like a really cool place 😂 sorry I couldn’t help myself 😎
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1 month ago
Привет красавица какдела как настроение а можно познакомиться
igrvh_hdkdvj avatar
1 month ago
А можно паруски пишет
chandreyitalukdar20 avatar
1 month ago
Wow....so beautiful
_the_name_is_deeps avatar
1 month ago
Wow 💕💕
penrihenri avatar
1 month ago
This place looks amaaaaazing! ❄️⛄️ Oh and the model looks pretty cool too lol 😉
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3 weeks ago
Wild Shot 🔥💯
rebel4acause avatar
3 weeks ago
Such a Beauty! 💙
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1 day ago
This is so cool.

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