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Happy Valentine’s Day! The sweetheart staircase in Rosecliff, Newport, Rhode Island. Our Tuxedo Park mansions tour will continue tomorrow. Photo @jhogarty_ #valentines #valentine #valentines_day #newportmansions

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1 week ago
Perfect! A Valentine staircase!❤️
imagica13 avatar
1 week ago
I ❤️ staircases. This is beautiful!
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1 week ago
@khaleesikellogg We have to go see the Newport mansions next time you visit! This staircase is my favorite!!!!! ❤️
fl.amigos avatar
1 week ago
Where's the lucky couple? Bride/Groom. Thats what it deserves 🔥🔥👏🌟 Awesome photo op!!!
frommygarden58 avatar
1 week ago
That’s a prize winner!
kathydwyernewbern avatar
1 week ago
Have been in this mansion! So beautiful!
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1 week ago
decordeprestige avatar
1 week ago
jeschramarchitect avatar
1 week ago
By far one of the best stairs ever!
jule12155 avatar
1 week ago
That staircase is very beautiful - even more so in person. Lovely, big entry hall and the stairs are on your right as you walk in (if I'm recalling correctly) and are not immediately visible. Huge, high ceilings showcase the stairs and it's a lovely, elegant, romantic effect. This floor is rented for events, weddings, etc. No furniture in this home for that reason, I think. Newport is such a worthwhile place to visit because so many Gilded Age mansions are still there and open to tourists (for a fee). Amazing to see what this lifestyle must have been like, because they are ALL summer "cottages", and the owners went for just the season (summer). These extremely luxurious, ornate, gigantic homes were occupied only during that time. Can you imagine?! 🌊 🏖️ ⛵
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1 week ago
ardesigner2003 avatar
1 week ago
Love Newport! ! My College Town
parisav81 avatar
1 week ago
تازه اومدم فالوم کنین مرسی😄
emerald3049 avatar
1 week ago
Oh my! Can you just imagine the beautiful bride in all her glory descending this beautiful staircase! Would be hard to choose which outshined the other!♥️

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