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⚠ In an effort to reduce the spread of #COVID19 and reduce risks to employees and visitors, Parks Canada is implementing a temporary closure of all its visitor facilities across the country effective Wednesday, March 18, at midnight. These closures will be in place until further notice. . The health and safety of Canadians, our visitors and our team members is of the utmost importance to us – learn more by visiting our website. . Since this is an evolving situation, Canadians are encouraged to visit Canada.ca/coronavirus for the latest information. #FlattenTheCurve

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ibbtravel avatar
1 week ago
Wishing all Parks employees the best during this difficult time. Stay safe everyone!
xtyfrek avatar
1 week ago
Are the trails in algonguin Park open for hiking @parks.canada
tracigrace avatar
1 week ago
@parks.canada I assume this does not impact cabin owners in waskesiu?
octlibra12 avatar
1 week ago
I walked today at Point Pelee
lipis_view avatar
1 week ago
Stay safe Stay home 🙏🙏🙏
riemannbettina avatar
1 week ago
Don't do that - ist is too much - it is only a virus not a fire or wild animal....it is not helpful to panic the world. Life is life includes diseases like influenca and Corona - please please
doddsfitzgerald avatar
1 week ago
Thank you Parks Canada for everything you do for Canadians and our special places!! It would be awesome if people would respect the fact that staff are at risk and that The general public has been welcomed to still hike can still hike in our beautiful open spaces at their own risk!! I'm a little embarrassed for Joe public for asking the same question 100 different ways!! I look forward to the day when we are back to the status quo!
samanthamicchhl avatar
1 week ago
@adriakamela what the hell?!?!?
crissyodenbach avatar
1 week ago
So all the Million Dollar bathrooms will be closed too?
laurengraveney605 avatar
1 week ago
bryan_he_man avatar
1 week ago
Hey everyone! I just had a great idea! Read some of the comments before you ask the same question that has already been answered multiple times.
roosterinamousetrap avatar
1 week ago
All the parks in Ontario are closed Front and Back country access denied! Whaaat nooooo
chelsea_rachele avatar
1 week ago
Hi There. I have a reservation at Bruce Peninsula for the first week of August. Are those being cancelled? I got an email advising about reservations between March 18 and April 30,2020 and I do not have one booked for that time period but after. I figured the situation would be reassessed closer to august for those reservations. Can you please clarify? @parks.canada
_m.j.o.h.n.s.o.n_ avatar
1 week ago
Just curious, is there any backcountry camping allowed before may 15 in ontario? Or just no reservations?
morainechef avatar
1 week ago
Close the parking lot and bathrooms at Lake Louise! Large groups still gathering. Impossible to social distance in washrooms.
fhuhaseeq avatar
6 days ago
@mahta_banooo1993 دایرکتتو چکش کننننن
ak_expeditions_ avatar
2 days ago
We are traveling home, is hwy 93 northbound open through the park? #noplacelikehome

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