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lildominica2003 avatar
2 days ago
He saved that seals live. Bravo 👏👏❤️❤️
manishkumar4real avatar
2 days ago
I first thought that he was killing it....👌👌👌
xksoxje avatar
2 days ago
حرام عليك 😠
lunna2114 avatar
2 days ago
👏aww you saved it
latrice113 avatar
2 days ago
What the Hell
ne.vaeh889 avatar
2 days ago
Good job
en.gin836 avatar
2 days ago
Das arme tier
zioukovskyy avatar
2 days ago
ty kurwo
mohammadi.f.70 avatar
2 days ago
gofl2009 avatar
1 day ago
liebesmadchen02.04 avatar
1 day ago
Asoziales pack ! Den sollte man mal auf den Kopf schlagen
zipranimator avatar
1 day ago
No, its not bad, his saving the animal of the plastic
arisya574 avatar
1 day ago
Respect them
true_eggplant avatar
1 day ago
This pigs 🐷 trippin
laic.iah avatar
23 hours ago
Thank you for saving it
annkgirl916 avatar
22 hours ago
Fuck u
o__hm17 avatar
21 hours ago
toji.kon avatar
15 hours ago
@natgeowolf 😢😢😢😢
thyanoue_chan avatar
13 hours ago
2004sa0 avatar
12 hours ago
انا حضي كذا يهربون اخوياي ابقا انا . 💔
oddlysatisfyingthings1 avatar
6 hours ago
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anatelcel avatar
3 hours ago
Héroe 👏👏👏👏
murad_bakhramov avatar
5 minutes ago

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