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It was an honour to photograph Olivia Cosgrove, founder of @rowtheerne, during my September visit to Enniskillen. There’s a whole back story to this portrait but I’ll keep it brief for now! Olivia’s pictured here in the currach ‘Menapian’ and the keen-memoried might recognise her from the @eknrnli portrait with Joy (swipe for a reminder). Anyway, there’s a new series starting at 7:30pm this evening on @bbcni called ‘The Chronicles of Erne’ featuring the truly excellent band of folk from Row the Erne. It looks set to be a beautiful series documenting the stunning surroundings of Lough Erne in County Fermanagh. If you can’t watch it live, you’ll be able to catch up with it on the iPlayer — I’ve popped a link in my profile where you’ll find a wee clip of Olivia and the team re-skinning Menapian. Enjoy! #maritime #nautical #heritage #wetplate #collodion #wetplatecollodion #ambrotype #northernireland #countyfermanagh #lougherne #thechroniclesoferne #rowtheerne #menapian #currach

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