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It’s been a 13 hour day of flying, and I was just getting settled into the hotel when I get a text from @ryandyar about some photography thoughts. At this point all is normal, as we routinely chat about news, processing, trip ideas etc. After some back and forth, we were getting ready to sign off for the night when things took a strange turn. I bid him goodnight, and his reply was: “Nighty night Dude. (BTW, Toy Story 4 was an awesome movie)”. “Yeah”, I replied, I’ll be having to watch those kind of things soon enough!” My daughter is still only 6 months old, so she’s more interested in eating her feet than Buzz Lightfoot or Woody Harrelson or whatever characters are in that movie. Ryan was about to have one of those moments when you should really just stop talking. I thought it was sweet that he was at home watching it with his daughter, even though she’s a teenager now. But she isn’t home. Oh, I thought, he must have watched it with Candace. @courtney.morgan18 loves those kind of movies too, which is kind of sweet really. No judgement on my part. Then it dawned on me that Candace is visiting her folks back East. His next text: “I swear to god, they are incredible. I just watched the latest while home alone as a 36 year old dude”. At this point I start looking desperately for a GIF that will appropriately humiliate him for this confession. But I didn’t have time before he confessed that it made him cry. I mean, I can’t..... #global_hotshotz #worldprime #jaw_dropping_shots #ig_world_colors #igrefined #igbest_shotz #globeshotz #ig_color #NikonNoFilter #ig_bliss #amazing_shots #awesomeearth #master_shots #bns_earth #awesome_earthpix #earthoutdoors #artofvisuals #myrrs #hubs_united #earth_shotz #earth_reflect #bestnatureshot #splendid_earth #longexposure_shots #TestedTough #nationalearth #MoodyGrams #thirty9co

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reduxjung7726 avatar
1 month ago
으앙 완전대박 짱이양 ㅎ오ㅎ 끝난다 최고
jinyuanphotography avatar
1 month ago
Absolutely insane work @milesmorganphotography you together with Marc Adamus are my favorite photographers! Saw this image before at the rrs magazine wonder when you were gonna post in here 🔥
tesfar_tega avatar
1 month ago
Follow us🙌
riahsquad128 avatar
1 month ago
This is so beautiful
mahyar.mogharrari avatar
1 month ago
torivarnaess avatar
1 month ago
Super shot man! Just wow!🔥🔥
jason_frye avatar
1 month ago
Man, fantastic new image Miles! And yes, Toy Story can bring a grown man to tears 😂
wjmcintosh avatar
1 month ago
Any full grown man who didn't cry during Toy Story Two isn't a human. I cry at McDonald's commercials, so no judging here, but you're SUPPOSED to cry while watching Toy Story movies. Beautiful shot here, BTW. 🙂
ablokecalledtom avatar
1 month ago
Ok ok, well this is a personal fav now. One word .. Biblical. Best seascape I've seen.
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1 month ago
mydetoxtravel avatar
1 month ago
waiting for your next post @milesmorganphotography 😭
thedibyanshushekhar avatar
2 weeks ago
So magical 😍
little_miss_kate83 avatar
2 weeks ago
mandiparker007 avatar
2 weeks ago
❤ ❤️❤️❤️
bheki4993 avatar
1 week ago
Love 😍 your post mate
bheki4993 avatar
1 week ago
Lol😂😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂Same here but I will post in2049 I wonder if I will be still alive
jefferyisagoodboy avatar
1 week ago
follow for follow
alissa.nyc avatar
1 week ago
Gorgeous photo 😍🔥
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4 days ago
parscoline avatar
3 days ago
coucou bonsoir ??
bahterazar avatar
2 days ago
this is awesome bro 💪🏼

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