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Making my yearly jaunt to Europe next week, but this time to explore four cities I’ve never been to: Berlin, Prague, Barcelona, and Paris... I’ll happily take all your recommendations!

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roadstworoam avatar
1 week ago
Salterio and Ziryab in Barcelona.
barrestewart42 avatar
1 week ago
Vienna. Normandy.
jenna.vater avatar
1 week ago
If you have time for a day trip from Prague, go to Plzen and check out the Purkmistr brewery/spa. You can book a beer bath with an unlimited tap of their Pilsner beer next to you. Once you’re done, head down to the restaurant and get a flight of their other beers. If you actually want to do this, feel free to PM me as getting there can be a bit confusing, but is so worth it!
bringtheawesome avatar
1 week ago
If you can get to Normandy from Paris for at least a day I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you think you’ll make a trip there let me know. I have loads of suggestions for Normandy
popcuria avatar
1 week ago
Check out the catacombs in Paris - a fun and macabre time!
chelsea_ea avatar
1 week ago
Sri Lanka
spiraly avatar
1 week ago
Prague - Day trip to Dresden via train from Prague, Tynska Bar and Books for drinks, good hearty food in Prague (cheap too.) Paris - Musée d'Orsay, Versailles, Catacombs, Musée de l'Orangerie for Monet’s water lilies.
k8gen10 avatar
1 week ago
If you go to @venuepraha Mike David is the owner..so nice!!
kknewton10 avatar
1 week ago
Restaurace White Horse in Prague 💯😍
greigrobyn avatar
1 week ago
Where should we go in Lofoten Andy?
rachelhelsby avatar
1 week ago
Definitely head over to Montserrat when you’re in Barcelona. It’s incredible ✨
pbsrbb avatar
1 week ago
Andy.. a must: eat at Cal Pep in Barcelona.. Placa des Oiles... fantastic fish .. sit at counter and let them choose.. 🤗
heather_melcer avatar
1 week ago
In Paris: eat at Chez Janou. It’s a tiny little restaurant so make a reservation if you can! Also highly recommend Versailles for a day trip
katherinecg avatar
1 week ago
Yo. Gimme dates for Barcelona and Prague! Maybe we can meet up!
harleighreimer avatar
1 week ago
Looks soo cozy!

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