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Ruth, Pug (5 y/o), 3rd & LaGuardia Pl., New York, NY β€’ β€œShe came over from Stockholm. She’s the latest Swedish blonde trying to make it in Manhattan.”

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6 days ago
kate.wood1986 avatar
6 days ago
@amyellisj Ruth is a Queen πŸ‘‘ and should be protected at all costs 😏
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6 days ago
@gtmeurer ❀️RUTH❀️
foxc_sox avatar
5 days ago
Utterly fabulous
porkchopthepug212 avatar
5 days ago
Such a precious face πŸ˜‡
pawprincess avatar
5 days ago
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5 days ago
vaguelyval avatar
5 days ago
@_beckbypopulardemand ok but where are these Swedish blondes they keep talking about
goodlifebullys avatar
5 days ago
So cute
vanessalovestacos avatar
4 days ago
NEED. NOW. @maliarosie
grrlgenius_ avatar
3 days ago
Ruth perfect name
stephanie_with_candy avatar
2 days ago
bichpoo_penny avatar
1 day ago
So cute!!
ashleyxyzwtf avatar
3 hours ago
Big mood @_msraj

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