Peter Coskun 6 days ago @petercoskunnaturephotography


Some beautiful Arizona desert scenery to kick off your Sunday morning (at least here on the west coast). As I've mentioned previously, I'm offering free ground shipping on metal prints through my website www.pjcphotography.com (link in bio) with promo code FREE through the end of March. Plus, I brought back my $30 12x18 inch paper print deal (regularly $45). No codes needed there as the price is already adjusted. For those that have the means to purchase art or support a small local business, find one to support now as many will be struggling to remain open. If not my art, support another artist by purchasing a print or video tutorial from them. Or get a gift card to your favorite local restaurant, brewery, etc. If they are offering take out and delivery, tip those who are still serving. We are all in this together. Stay safe and healthy out there. #ourwild #prana #coalatree #greettheoutdoors

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