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Tex, German Shorthaired Pointer (1 y/o), West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA β€’ β€œHe loves to swim. Every time I jump in the pool he jumps in to save me; he grabs me by the arm. He’s by my side 24/7.” @texbirddog

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4 months ago
Wait, wait....I think you missed a spot! πŸ˜‚
zossi232 avatar
4 months ago
@_lyndell_ this puppy looks like Audrey
brooke_leneatha avatar
4 months ago
@armaanbhatiaa this page!
jduganb avatar
4 months ago
leiatheenglishbulldog avatar
4 months ago
So handsome
jessielakamp avatar
3 months ago
@lizlakamp he is good
lewisjasonkennedy avatar
3 months ago
@tt_reece I love this
brookiewalshie avatar
3 months ago
😍😍 @mitchhart33
reddingbyrd avatar
2 months ago
@madi_crymes can I have the dog and the owner?
francenyc avatar
6 days ago
Velcro dogs!! Nothing better!πŸΎπŸ’ž

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