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The backroads in Big Sur are some of the best around. I find myself gravitating back to this place at least twice, sometimes three times a year. I’m not tagging this location, out of respect for the people who live along this coast and call it home. But if you do find it, enjoy it. It’s beautiful beyond words. And if you can, leave it better than you found it ♡ #LiveYourAdventure @eddiebauer #ebcontributor

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3 days ago
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3 days ago
❤️ Just watch out for the poison ivy! Thanks for sharing this!
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3 days ago
What a place 😍😍😍
alicekay__ avatar
3 days ago
Thank you for sharing beauty and respecting the places you visit 🙌❤️
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3 days ago
Фото чудесное 👏👏👏 🔥🔥
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3 days ago
The skies are amazing in this!
travelinphotog avatar
3 days ago
Love it :) Headed up this weekend for some r+r and hiking (maybe some swinging)
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2 days ago
That lens flare ✨
scotthuntphoto avatar
2 days ago
I stumbled upon this place and the swing two years ago. It was like camping in heaven. Great memories. Thanks for sharing.
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2 days ago
Ohh wow! 😍 Christian, this is soo good. 🙊🙈
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2 days ago
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2 days ago
صلام فالو فالو فالو فالو بک بک بک بک لطفا فالو کنید
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2 days ago
مسی فالو
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2 days ago
Amazing 😍
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2 days ago
♥️ beautiful
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2 days ago
Add me 💗💞💞
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1 day ago
Love the music on this 🎶👌🏼
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1 day ago
Waiting for your YouTube viedos...
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1 day ago
Beautiful place is taking a free soul in her lap with all heart. It is evident that you are in love with this place that makes you visit again and again. Your exemplary works are loved and appreciated by the nature and convey her love to you through such beautiful view. Much Love ❤️
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1 day ago
Your ig looks like cotton candy 💕
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19 hours ago
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11 hours ago
Well Christian, thank you. I finally found a reason to join Instagram. Keep the good stuff coming. I just love how you get nature to put on her best for you (lol).
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5 hours ago
Always i love this video. Happy weekend 🙌 i m working still but happy weekend to you beautiful person ☺☀🌈
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2 hours ago

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