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⚠ UPDATE: We’re implementing ADDITIONAL measures to support the Government of Canada’s efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. . To encourage Canadians to #StayHome and minimize risks to our visitors and employees, we are temporarily suspending visitor vehicle access at all Parks Canada places – effective 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. . All visitor parking facilities at our places are closed ⛔ until further notice. Highways and roadways that go through our places will remain open. Details on our website. #FlattenTheCurve #StayHomeSaveLives

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cicab74 avatar
1 week ago
Good Luck ! We want to come and see you in August from France so please do your best. Take care. We love you 😘😘😘😘
al_.2003 avatar
1 week ago
I love you.
jessica_pana avatar
1 week ago
For those who live in the Town of Banff, are we limited to walking on the trails within the town boundary, and if individuals are none compliant, what are the repercussions?
leah_lynn avatar
1 week ago
Read through the comments, but not sure if someone asked already... The vehicle parking is closed.. But if you can WALK to your local park, are you still able to pass any gates? This would allow only very local people to use the parks although maybe others would still find parking elsewhere to get in.. Just wondering if you can clarify what is actually fully closed (for locals).
kathrynshg avatar
1 week ago
Close Kootenay Park??
redmanskis avatar
1 week ago
How long is ski touring In Rogers pass area be closed down for
kate_bonfield514 avatar
1 week ago
Seriously this virus is real 😢
au_bout_du_rouleau avatar
1 week ago
Thank you. I could not believe it last weekend when I saw the trails in Banff busier than ever!! We can't handle an outbreak here in our small community, please respect us locals.
paddymurphydog avatar
1 week ago
Great move, thank you! 👏 While being outside is healthy, search and rescue response is limited during this time, and puts staff at risk. We look forward to enjoying these gems when the nation is healthy again. ❤️
ngnaturetribe avatar
1 week ago
Nature is the most healing thing in earth this is saddening
photon.chaser avatar
1 week ago
Good decision. Hope things return to normalcy soon and we get to enjoy our pristine beauty!
glamourass67 avatar
1 week ago
...how long can this go on? I worry that the new impositions wil create more priblems than this virus...people need to get out and strengthen their lungs so they can get through a lung virus...and the gov should immediately ban the sale of tobacco products and enforce healthy eating and mandatory exercise so we will all be better able to withstand sickness...
airlinelush avatar
1 week ago
What about mountain passes for people who backcountry ski?
blakelynwood avatar
1 week ago
How is The Boss?
sar9_87 avatar
4 days ago
@necefova3435 mən deyirə. Səni baqışdıyım sən bloka atırsan hələ
nick_provost avatar
4 days ago
Good now we can finally start planning for a parkour park in Ottawa for after!
jai3x._ avatar
3 days ago
no... im not stayin home😂😂😂
sshinmaria avatar
2 days ago
ghf401 avatar
6 hours ago

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