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We have lost the legend on the left of this photograph of two acclaimed Sunshine Coast Architects (photo by Lindy Atkin, 1995 on the Wallum site, preceding the construction of the wonderful Lake Weyba House in the second photo by Reiner Blunck). . . We are really saddened to hear of the passing of Gabriel Poole last night and our condolences and thoughts are with Elizabeth Frith-Poole and Gabriel’s family, friends and very close collaborators. . . Gabriel’s passing is a significant loss to Australian architecture as his contribution has been so rich and he has inspired and mentored so many. . Gabriel Poole LFRAIA was celebrated in 1998 as the recipient of Australia’s highest accolade, the Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal. . . In his own words, “All my life has been dedicated to the search for a better house and better lifestyle. My buildings are different not simply for the sake of it but because I believe there are better ways of construction and living than those now available to us.” . . In John Mainwaring’s (on right) words, “The guy’s always ready to step out of his comfort zone; to get out and have a go … and that gives us inspiration when we feel a bit down. At an age when other people are in retirement, he’s really cracking and doing the best work of his life.” Vale Gabriel #gabrielpoole #sunshinecoastarchitects #sunshinecoastarchitecture #australianarchitects #australianarchitecture

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ferre61 avatar
1 week ago
We have indeed lost a great architect 😔Vale Gabriel and hugs for Elizabeth 🙏
kiwichicktrish avatar
1 week ago
Very sad news
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1 week ago
Very sad. He was a lovely and talented man who helped create some well loved family and holiday homes for my in-laws.
lindyjohnsoncreative avatar
1 week ago
A very sad day indeed. Gabriel has taught Australian architects to believe in their vision and creativity. He delivered (without fail) innovative outcomes which respected the preciousness of our natural environment. A design hero. (🙏🏻@barkarchitects)
damienstyringnoosa avatar
1 week ago
A true inspiring gentleman
joelrfalconer avatar
1 week ago
Oh, 😢, Vale
neilliza avatar
1 week ago
skalebuildingdesign avatar
1 week ago
So sad.... he is a legend and will always be remembered for his dedication to architecture. He started my journey and still to this day inspires me. You will be missed and never forgotten.
duncan.gibbs avatar
1 week ago
😔 Vale. An enormous loss.
alice_hyphen_anne avatar
1 week ago
I'll never forget seeing his Tent House in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and witnessing the impact it had on the public. He was way ahead of the current climate crisis with beautifully crafted designs for everyone. A true Queensland Great ❤️❤️❤️
poetajewellery_noosa avatar
1 week ago
Very saddened to hear of the great Gabriel’s passing. Our thoughts and well wishes go to his family and friends. It is a sad day but he gave so much artistic inspiration to the field of architecture which will be remembered always. He will live on. Xxx
stchamas avatar
1 week ago
A profound loss to Qld and our architectural community
msterripics avatar
1 week ago
😢 Vale Gabriel. Condolences to family, friends and the close-knit architect community!
sheltermadeprojects avatar
1 week ago
Saddened to hear this. He designed a family members home and it was thoroughly enjoyed by many! What an impact he left on our part of the world. ❤️
jamesbirrelldesignlab avatar
1 week ago
A true champion of the design world... what a wonderful legacy he has left for us all!
sarahgc22 avatar
1 week ago
So sad. A legend has left us. Hopefully we can celebrate his life and legacy after this madness. 💛🙏🏼😊
maiaroseclose avatar
1 week ago
matttonic avatar
1 week ago
mentor, friend, legend, he will be missed 😭
gnottle avatar
1 week ago
Thanks for sharing Lindy and Steve. A wonderful man and gifted architect.
bockarch avatar
1 week ago
A lot of reflection on hearing this sad news, working in Noosa I often find drawings come across my desk originating from the office of Atelier Two Designs (Poole and Mainwaring). Knowing some of the history I love studying the decisions made and the craft of the actual documents. I can honestly say that my work as a Sunshine Coast Architect is influenced daily by the work of these guys, Gabriel and John, the Claire’s, Alan Marrs and others, all heroes to me
gisijung avatar
1 week ago
Thanks Lindy! X
nickhayes.constructions avatar
1 week ago
His Architecture will be current through many generations, we have refurbished a number of his early projects over the last few years, with all clients ensuring the projects keep there original desing and fee.l 🙌
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1 week ago

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