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CA2VVK8H9KH Framework House




Natalie Oberg 3 weeks ago @natalieanalog

B_5XhtDHvYN 8x10 or 4x5⠀ This is how I choose what format to bring with me on a trip.⠀ 4x5 I bring with me when I need a lighter camera, if I need to walk a lot or I’ve already got much to carry and 8x10 would not physically fit. I do not think it is necessarily faster than 8x10 to set up, but I do take faster photos with it because I can easily move it around after the set up. With 8x10 once you put it in place it usually stays there. I see 4x5 as a portable large format with which I can take more and faster photos. It was perfect for my @ilfordphoto Ortho Plus tests in Scotland, where I could easily take an exposure in minutes and could keep the camera all setup and attached to a tripod in the car. That was a lifesaver when a horde of midges was devouring you mercilessly on a spot. With 8x10 I wouldn’t stand a chance. I do however find 4x5 somewhat fiddly and it does lack a bit in this immersive large format experience that you get with a larger ground glass. ⠀ ⠀ 8x10 is my favourite format, it is really a treat every time you look at the world through it. If I could I’d bring it everywhere with me, but it is also a huge bundle to carry with large lenses and a rather substantial tripod. So the 8x10 for me is a camera for dedicated trips, where I know I will carry a big backpack and when I can take my sweet time.⠀ ⠀ So this is how I choose my formats based on the weight of the equipment and the “turnaround time” for a shot. ⠀ Do you have any preferences yourself? How do you choose a camera to bring if you have several?⠀ . #largeformat #largeformatphotography #4x5film #4x5 #8x10 #8x10camera #8x10photography #film #filmphotography #fieldcamera #viewcamera #largeformatcamera #istillshootfilm




Keith Ladzinski 3 days ago @ladzinski

CAvOaiyB6tF The storms on the front range of colorado have been incredible the last few weeks, here’s a time lapse I shot from home of a stunning rainbow drifting across the landscape 🌈 / @nikonusa D850 w/300mm f4




James Wright 8 months ago @jamwrights

B27L7COg9Qu Somewhere along the Cape Wrath Trail - A few months ago we walked the CWT. It was a bit like an extended day in the mountains. I checked our route and it worked out as 14000m of climbing over 400km. It took us 20 days. Quite a long day... - #Scotland




B.E Architecture 1 day ago @b.e_architecture

CAyrEHSFMF9 Images from this weeks site inspection of our renovation in Kooyongkoot Hawthorn along with a few of our finished renders to help put the photos in context. Scaffolding had been erected to work on the rear facade of the extension while framing is nearly finished internally. The project is the restoration of a 1880's double fronted period dwelling with the addition of a two storey extension at the rear with underground parking. The extension is strategically designed to sit below the from roofline obscuring it from the street. The extension has an adjoining north facing entertaining area built over the lid of the garage looking over the large rear garden and pool deck. The original house will have its verandah re instated shortly @b.e_architecture #domebuilders #heritageoverlay #periodrestoration #victorianhouse #hawthornhouse #kooyongkute #melbournearchitecture #melbournesrchitects #sydneyarchitects #construction #architecturalrenders #cityofboroondara




2 months ago @kknvlz

B-SBoeHIKZy 200328




Ray White New Farm 12 hours ago @rwnewfarm

CA1_bYnB9pT Spectacular ✨ 267 Main Street, Kangaroo Point #NowSelling




First Man Photography 3 weeks ago @adamkarnacz

B_xB_REDgKD This is a picture of a log, made black and white, with a blue tint added. I love pictures like this for their simplicity and beauty. I also can’t wait to go out and do landscape photography again. I hope my car starts!! ▫️ #macro #macrophotography #mono #tree #trees #logs #closeup #blackandwhite




Isabella Tabacchi Photography 3 hours ago @isabellandscapes

CA297kgnUwX Hiding the sunshine ☀️ 🌸 Another memory of one of my favorite places in the Dolomites, when I found these little flowers in front of the Vajolet towers. . . . . . #passionedolomiti #trentinodavivere #visittrentino #trentinowow #northitaly #instatrentino #valdifassa #trentinodascoprire #igerstrentino #yallerstrentino_altoadige #ig_trentinoaltoadige #dolomiten #dolomitiunesco #mountainphotography #splendid_mountains




Nick Fitzhardinge Photography 1 day ago @nick_fitzhardinge

CAySoBapKjD Banff National Park is re-opening on Monday! Looking forward to going for a drive to take a look.




Nicole Pino 2 weeks ago @nicolepinophotography




Lost In History 54 minutes ago @lostinhistorypics

CA3M5K6lTBO Contestants in the Miss Beautiful Eyes pageant in Paris, 1930.




Evgeniya 1 day ago @jinnkisss

CAzWZa3ooSi 📚Фотоальбом «ХАБАРОВСК 2020» - традиционный подарок Дальневосточного издательского центра «Приамурские ведомости» жителям и гостям ко дню основания города!👌🏻 Нравится?😎 ⠀ Только сейчас осознаю, что фотоальбом о Хабаровске с такой красивой датой 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ показывает наш город в том числе и моими фотографиями😱😌 До последнего момента ничего не ждала, не представляла, не знала подробностей, просто поделилась фотоархивом. А теперь любуюсь книгой вместе с вами😍 Очень рада, что мои слегка сказочные фото соседствуют с креативными кардрами обычной и творческой жизни города @yavamnealesha Алеши Жвалика, с удачно пойманными добрыми моментами повседневности от Людмилы Краевой. Знаю что проекту помогало много других активных людей нашего города и это здорово! И, конечно, отдельное спасибо Ольге Перелыгиной @olgaperoga за выбор моих фотографий из множества других от не менее хороших авторов, за огромную работу и трепетный подход к процессу. Я сама не понаслышке знаю, какая это трудоемкая работа😨 Праздник приближается и можно сделать такой подарок себе, друзьям, коллегам или гостям города. Альбом должен появиться в книжных магазинах Хабаровска, а пока по вопросам приобретения пишите @olgaperoga в Директ ! По секрету скажу так будет даже выгоднее😉




Aaron 2 days ago @floodthesensor

CAx2gYuge88 Hope you’re all having a great start to this weird ass summer. Enjoy the little things but take time to be disgusted by the words and actions of those who don’t value the feelings and lives of our fellow human beings.




Miguel Amaro 1 month ago @mohrder

B_kubQLn-DO Purple window




ソラマド静岡(オネストホーム) 1 day ago @soramado.shizuoka.official

CAzexqtgT0l ソラマドの新しいライフスタイルマガジン『Re KURASU』が出来ました✨ 「好き」をカタチにして豊かに暮らす、全国のソラマドファミリーを紹介しています。 是非ご覧下さいね😊 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 6/6(土)、6/7(日)の10時〜17時まで、焼津市で『ソラマドの家』構造見学会を開催✨ 詳しくは弊社HPを見てね😊 @soramado.shizuoka.official #soramado #ソラマド #シンプルライフ #一戸建て #家 #家族 #house #新築 #注文住宅 #パントリー #インテリア #設計 #マイホーム #おしゃれ #建築 #キッチン #デザイン #自然素材 #マイホーム計画 #収納 #暮らし #趣味の時間 #木の家 #シンプル #おしゃれさんと繋がりたい #カフェ #北欧インテリア #ナチュラル #注文住宅 #コーヒー




League of Lenses Camera Club 1 day ago @leagueoflenses

CAyrfITDw9t 🔻Welcome to the League🔻 Thanks for sharing @slate_mk.2 📸 #llcc_slate_mk2 ———————————————————————— 💯 Selected by: @champagnebubblebath———————————————————————— 🔎 Get Discovered: #leagueoflenses ———————————————————————— 🤖 League Team 🤖 @champagnebubblebath | @ryanditchphoto | @ciaraspillane ———————————————————————— ☠️ League Friends ☠️ @pnw.shooters | @tonesofnyc ———————————————————————— #streetgrammers #moodygrams #visualgrams #illgrammers #theimaged #ig_color #shotzdelight #way2ill #heatercentral #eclectic_shotz #shotz_fired #urbanromantix #aov #supremeshutter #illicittones #thecreatorclass #createcommune #lensbible #global_shots #explorecreate #citykillerz #georgefloyd #minneapolis #BLM




Josh ↟ Colorado 2 weeks ago @smosh_monster

CAIPi0aDzV6 I can’t wait to start shooting again!




Wiebke Haas 1 week ago @spanishvision

CAXqk4FnJcD My deer ❤️ One day you'll be the king of the forest with the tallest crown of the animal kingdom. #animalphotographer #animalphotography #wildlife #wildanimals #fallowdeer #deer #forestanimal #dammwild #wild #tierfotografie #tierfotograf




Jim Stephenson 1 day ago @clickclickjim

CA0Polmp_8C Little still from a film about architectural models I’ve been working on with @moco_arch. Little stories all over the place. #architecture #model #models




Eeva Mäkinen 1 month ago @eevamakinen

B_iO7otpD5t Something different to describe our spring. Here you go. ♡ I really love this timelapse and it took almost daily trying for 3 weeks until I got it look the way I imagined and even with a little heart. I am still nervous to show it to you guys as I am afraid to loose the quality here on Instagram. Hope you like it! 🙂 Ps. Still 91cm of snow here. #timelapse #ice #spring #kuusamo #finland #heart




©Hufton+Crow 2 weeks ago @huftonandcrow

CADY-wspCpK We’re delighted to share with you images of our final overseas shoot before the lockdown. Here is the wonderful new #Anoha by @olsonkundig ANOHA is a new space for children to discover, explore and play at the @juedischesmuseumberlin in #berlin The story focuses around a giant timber Noah’s Ark housed inside an old flower market opposite the main museum. It’s exhibits contain over 150 charmingly designed animals constructed from recycled materials. Hopefully the show will be enjoyed by children (of all ages) very soon. Full bio can be seen here...




Travels 🌊 2 weeks ago @travels




Ben Hosking 3 days ago @benhoskingphotographer

CAuYml1FndG Aesop store, Melbourne International Airport, Australia. Photo courtesy of Aesop @aesopskincare . . . . . #Aesop #AesopStore #Melbourne #Architecture #AustralianArchitecture #RetailArchitecture




Gerardo Sandoval 2 days ago @gess8

CAyDeYnBmEU Empty City - Mayo 2020



CA0OJealY2u Fog and flowers are two of the things I love most. When I find that combo while out shooting, my day is made 💃 Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I’m looking forward to a little Seattle lightning storm 🤩🤩




Check Your Privilege 1 day ago @ckyourprivilege

CAz5S4TpOI_ Community! The spring cohort of Saturday Skool ends today. 😭 Let's stay actionable together. Join myself and my sister friends for. Summer Skool, a 12-week summer IG Live series. Each day you'll be led by an guide, coach, or educator in the anti racism space. Here are your June educators: @gabestorres will cover mental health + Psychology Dyan is covering anti racist mindset. @ayceebrown will guide us through human design and using our aura type for action. @accordingtoweeze will tackle activism + Sociology @sincerely.lettie will move us through history @myishathill will cover the humanity of antiracism & investing in rest. Stay tuned, we launch Monday at 10am pst. Yes The replay will be located vis IGTV. Xo #liveintothework #summerschool2020 #saturdayskool




Bobbype 2 weeks ago @schlossamhaff

CASIDlbgbuw Die Chance auf einen schönen Sommerurlaub auf der Insel Usedom besteht wieder. Darüber freuen wir uns sehr. Mit einer Ferienwohnung bei uns, geht man kein Risiko ein. Wir achten sehr auf die notwendigen Regeln. Jetzt buchen und auf einer der schönsten deutschen Ostsee-Inseln Urlaub machen. #Urlaubindeutschland #Ostsee #Urlaubsfeeling #Usedom #schlossamhaff #ferienwohnung #Holiday #Strandurlaub #Entspannung #Natur #pictoftheday #schlossstolpe #landurlaub #urlaubmithund




Jenna Arnold 27 minutes ago @itsjenna

CA3QDC4BOXg quick lil’ intro for the new community members: hi. right now all I care abt is how to push us into productive & quick conversation abt our civilization. how are we, humans, going to continue to move forward together when, bc of the decisions of our ancestors, we OPERATE AROUND EACH OTHER using a set of rules that protects only a “few”. I’ve spent the past three years trying to understand how I am and am not part of that “few”. It’s taken me deep into the creases of our history books, all the way to the bottom of scrolls produced by the Vatican in the 1400s, to our walk-in closets and apps that can modify photos to make us skinnier. It’s all connected and part of, what I like to call, ‘The Great American Pretending’. I’ve spent a lot of my life performing that Pretending—and I’m very good at it. I’m even better at spotting it in others, particularly white women who have had a similar life experience to me. I wrote a book, Raising Our Hands (link in bio, drops June 23), abt how I tilted the prism of which I look at my life, my comfort, my convenience, and now, how I’m adjusting my ongoing role in the world. It’s based on years of research w/ white women from across the country. We explored the existential questions (what are you willing to fight for besides your loved ones?), the immediate next steps (what is holding us back from doing?) & what does 'liberty' mean. I come at this work as a terrible speller (if you follow me you’ll see loads of typos, enjoy), I have two babies who’ve come through me and loads of others that I mother and love. I’m a partner, a daughter, a cousin, a friend that isn’t always easy to be around—I rebuild myself against them, but they still keep me around to play cards (I let them win is prob why), drink margaritas & my two-step to the Spice Girls is always entertaining. I’m a student of our times & an explorer of the past. I know what is happening today is not working & I’m constantly searching for my right place to do something abt it. I’m a little bit scared, but willing to be a lot brave w/ you bc I know nobody else is coming. Thanks for being here.




Debora Aguiar 4 hours ago @deboraaguiararquiteta

CA20UFPFtaT A decoração do quarto de casal traz uma composição de tecidos em tons crus, tanto na cabeceira como também na roupa de cama, com colcha, manta e almofadas. Para aquecer uma dupla de almofadas em tom terracota. . The decoration of the double bedroom features a composition of fabrics in raw tones, both on the headboard and also on the bedding, with a bedspread, blanket and pillows. To heat a pair of terracotta pillows. . #deboraaguiar #architecture #design #interiores #brazilianarchitecture #casadecampo #interior #saopaulo #indaiatuba



CA2VVK8H9KH Framework House




NightScaper - Royce Bair 1 day ago @roycebairphoto

CAz8x0gJeIb . - Milky Way oasis in the Utah West Desert. - 120 miles west of Salt Lake City and just across the Utah border is Wendover, Nevada. You can gamble here, but all the casinos are closed due to COVID-19. 20 miles south of Wendover is an oasis in the desert, right next to the Utah/Nevada border. Springs have created ponds, a "Blue Lake" (used for scuba diver training year-round) and a waterfowl refuge (swipe left for maps). It's also a great place to get away from SLC's light pollution. The night before last, I broke away and took this photo. The green airglow was out of this world! - TECHNIQUE & EXIF: Tracked & blended • Canon 6D H-Alpha Modified by @spencerscamera + Irix 15mm f/2.4 (also from Spencers) + @msm_rotator tracker • Sky: Tracked for 227 sec @ff/5.6, ISO 1600 • Foreground: 4 exposures @ff/2.8, 60 sec each, ISO 8000, manually stack in Photoshop layers to reduce noise • Tracked sky and foreground stack blended in Photoshop . . . . . . . . . . @MilkyWay_NightScapes #nightscaper #wendover #utahwestdesert #wowutah #VisitUtah #werutah #beautahful #nightscape #starrynight #nightphotography #intothenight #nightskyphotography #nightscapephotography #nightshot #nightphoto #nightphotography_exclusive #milkyway #milkyway_nightscapes #amazing_longexpo #amazingearth #amazingphotohunter #astrophoto #fantasticuniverse #longexposure_shots #milkywaygalaxy #night_excl #nightimages #nightpics #nightshooterz




زخات 1 week ago @z5atmatar

CAiq_hjnCV6 عيدكم مبارك كل عام وانتم بخير وتقبل الله طاعاتكم ونسأل المولى عز وجل ان يكشف الغمة ويجمعنا بالصحة والعافية ❤️🌹




Stuart Milliner 5 days ago @stuartmilliner1

CAp-x-_pEbP Impatiently waiting for storm season to start, here’s a massive bolt over some dudes farm just northeast of #YYC it’s really going to be interesting to see how the #covid_19 affects day to day chaseing in Alberta. I’m sure the soloists won’t have any issues but we chase in a we’ll have to see.... #dailyhiveyyc #dailyviewyyc #dailyhivecalgary #yyctoday #tourismcalgary #explorealberta #travelalberta #natgeoyourshot #yycliving #yycnow @weathernetwork @tourismcalgary #calgaryisbeautiful #403 #storm #stormchasing #lightning #stunning #roadtrip #chilly #igers #dailyviewcalgary #sunset #canon #canoncanada @stormhour @stunnersoninsta #lightning @official_albertastormchasers




Meghan 1 week ago @missmeghanyoung

CAdZqZPjJoZ Calculating risk is part of every backcountry adventure we undertake. The equation involves an honest assessment of the likelihood of risk, magnitude of consequences for ourselves and those who our actions implicate or endanger, and our ability to plan for and overcome them. Recreation in the time of of a global pandemic is no exception—it just adds new factors to consider when drawing up plans. The #RecreateResponsibly coalition has drawn up some helpful guidelines for the upcoming holiday weekend and beyond to help us all get out there safely. Tap the link in my profile for more. Have fun, stay safe.




San Diego 1 day ago @eric_scire

CAyR768HVmN Colors of the ocean. #fromwhereidrone




LUKE BAKHUIZEN 1 month ago @lukebakhuizen

B-4WPidFqjx Definitely my favorite beach in Sydney!




Dan 3 days ago @flyingships

CAveWIEnkLI Color theory




Rute M. 1 day ago @anotherboringplace1




Elia Locardi 3 days ago @elialocardi

CAud1EfnwtI Even google maps can’t save you here. 😂




далай 1 day ago @element.97

CAzS_94H5zi Off-season.



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